Trevor Lithgow

Chief Investigator

Professor Trevor Lithgow is one of Australia’s leading molecular cell biologists with a strong record of using yeast and bacteria as models to understand complex aspects of cell biology.

Professor Lithgow has driven a significant advance of knowledge in microbial cell biology, including technology development (in situ cross-linking technology, high-resolution imaging of yeast and bacteria, single-particle imaging of cellular machinery), to provide high-resolution maps of the architecture of sub-cellular structures. He is eager for modelling of experimental data to address the natural selection pressures driving evolution of antimicrobial resistance phenotypes in bacterial populations, a scenario that lends itself to using whole cell models that would predict evolution.

Professor Lithgow has previously held academic appointments at La Trobe University (1996-98) and the University of Melbourne (1999-2008) whereafter he moved to Monash University to take up an ARC Federation Fellowship in 2009, and then an ARC Australian Laureate Fellowship in 2014.