Building whole-cell models to make biology predictive

MACSYS generates the mathematics and computational technologies required to make biology predictive; establish mathematical whole cell models for in silico biology as a powerful complement to traditional in vivo and in vitro approaches; tackle fundamental biological problems; and establish a world-leading research and biotechnology translation environment.

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Research Themes

The MACSYS research program has four ambitious research themes that will allow us to transform whole cell models and in silico biology.


Developing the mathematical, statistical, computational and biophysical approaches required for the automated construction and analysis of large scale biochemical systems.

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Genotype Phenotype Mapping

Explaining the phenotypic variability in terms of effective whole cell models that combine mechanistic modelling and statistical/machine learning.

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Developing the tools necessary for efficient automated generation of large-scale computer models of biological cells.

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Empowering Research

Constructing whole cell models as quantitative and mechanistic representations of cells, generating new fundamental biological discoveries, and driving innovation.

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