Traude Beilharz

Deputy Director (Operations)

Professor Traude Beilharz is an RNA biologist and biochemist with interests that span the birth, life and death of RNA in cells as they adapt to change. MACSYS combines her love of collaboration, data-driven research and the cell biology of Baker’s yeast, Saccharomyces cerevisiae.

Traude believes that the skills learned and the tools built in pursuit of whole-cell models will enable a new academic discipline -Predictive Biology- and create career paths toward research and entrepreneurship in digital biology.

As Deputy Director (Operations), Traude enables excellence by supporting the thriving of the Centre’s diversity. She applies her mindset and leadership coaching qualifications to support MACSYS people so that each feels safe to bring their ideas, creativity and ambition -knowing that this looks different in each of us and that the Centre’s success depends on it.