The ARC Centre for the Mathematical Analysis of Cellular Systems aims to deliver the mathematics required to compute life. The Centre will deliver innovation in computational and mathematical biology and establish in silico biology alongside in vivo and in vitro biology. These models will allow us to understand the complexity of life at the cellular level and enable new ways of combining diverse and heterogenous data. This will allow us to understand the mechanisms underlying cellular behaviour, and to apply rational design engineering methods in order to control the dynamics of biological systems.

Our mission is to:

  • develop the mathematics and statistics required to describe the complexity of life at the cellular level.
  • construct whole cell models for important model organisms and cell types.
  • create new genotype-phenotype maps that can be applied at the whole genome scale to understand the molecular mechanisms underlying complex cellular phenotypes.
  • establish the computational technologies and pipelines required to generate whole cell models for any organism and cell type.
  • train multidisciplinary cohorts of researchers who can drive convergence between the mathematical and biological sciences and who can exploit the transformative potential of whole cell models.
  • enable rational engineering methods and computer aided design to be applied in synthetic biology and biotechnology.

Our Partners