At MACSYS, we are dedicated to promoting equity, diversity, and inclusion within our organisation. We champion family-friendly work practices and policies, and a welcoming work environment. Additionally, we offer pathways for skill development, mentoring, opportunities for collaboration with industry partners, and financial support programs for people with caregiving responsibilities.

PhD Opportunities

We offer numerous PhD opportunities with generous top-up scholarships and stipends across our five Nodes. Our students have opportunities to visit other MACSYS Nodes, be hosted overseas with our international partners, and contribute to multi-disciplinary research portfolios. Please familiarise yourself with the admission requirements at the relevant Node as you must meet these requirements to be considered for a PhD opportunity.

Research Staff Opportunities

Our research staff are specialists in a range of areas including mathematics, data science, biology, experimental lab work, and software development supporting the development of whole-cell models. Their responsibilities include co-supervising Masters and PhD students, collaborating with industry partners, and effectively communicating and disseminating research outcomes. Early-career researchers at MACSYS have the exciting opportunity to lead research projects within their portfolios and access competitive research funding to support their work.

Professional Staff Opportunities

Our professional staff team comprises of the Chief Operating Officer, Centre Coordinator, Node Administrators and operational specialists in Finance, Outreach, Research Translation, and Media and Communications. This dedicated team plays a key role in supporting the realisation of our research, outreach and media engagement activities, and developing research translation opportunities with our industry partners.

Associate Investigators

An Associate Investigator is a member employed at a research institution in Australia or overseas. These individuals are either self-nominated or nominated by an MACSYS Chief Investigator and subsequently approved by the MACSYS Executive Committee. Associate Investigators play a significant role within MACSYS. This involvement may take the form of collaborating on projects with MACSYS researchers or serving as a co-supervisor for MACSYS students.