Malcolm McConville

Chief Investigator

Professor Malcolm McConville is a Professor in the Department of Biochemistry and Pharmacology at the University of Melbourne and Associate Director (Platforms and Infrastructure) of the Bio21 Institute. He is an internationally recognised leader in microbial metabolism and the development of new analytical and computational tools in quantitative biology.

Professor McConville has been continuously supported by prestigious research fellowships throughout his career and has been recognised with the Australian Parasitology Society Bancroft Mackerras Medal (2012) and Howard Hughes International Scholar awards (2001-05). His international standing across the disciplines of microbiology, biochemistry and analytical chemistry is evidenced by his membership of the editorial boards of top journals in these disciplines and regular requests to write high profile reviews.

Professor McConville has published over 270 journal articles that cover diverse aspects of primary and secondary metabolism of bacteria, fungi and protists, and developed analytical techniques for systems level understanding of microbial metabolism.