Robyn Araujo

Chief Investigator

Dr Robyn Araujo has a long-standing record of excellence in developing novel mathematical techniques and models to study cellular signalling networks. She is currently a Senior Lecturer in Applied Mathematics at Queensland University of Technology.

Dr Araujo has previously held appointments at the National Cancer Institute/National Institutes of Health in Washington DC, and at the Centre for Applied Proteomics and Molecular Medicine at George Mason University in the United States. She holds an Australian Research Council Future Fellowship and is developing new mathematical methods for studying the systems biochemistry of cellular protein networks. Dr Araujo’s contributions to this field that have been recognised by many recent invitations to speak at local and national conferences, including a plenary lecture at the 2021 Australian Mathematical Society annual meeting.

Dr Araujo’s research is internationally recognised through widespread media coverage. Her 2018 Nature Communications publication on adaptation in complex cellular signalling networks attracted national and international media coverage, including Cosmos magazine and Networking Women. Her mathematical contributions to tuberculosis biomarker sequestration, published in Science Translational Medicine was featured in the New York Times and New Scientist.