Nadine Ziemert

Partner Investigator

Nadine Ziemert is a nationally and internationally recognised leader in the field of computer-based genome mining of natural products and developing computational tools for drug discovery.

She is currently a Professor at the University of Tübingen and has been awarded a fully funded research professorship by the German Centre for Infection Research. Her research group focuses on the development of new bioinformatic tools to facilitate antibiotic discovery, analysis on the evolution and distribution of secondary metabolites in bacteria, as well as wet lab studies on the biosynthesis and regulation of these chemical compounds. Professor Ziemert’s work is underpinned by key international collaborations including close productive relationships with Professor Marnix Medema in Wageningen, Professor Tilmann Weber in Copenhagen, Professor Max Cryle at Monash University, and Professor James McInerney at Nottingham University.

Professor Ziemert’s research in the field of natural products is internationally recognised with more than 50 journal articles that cover bioinformatics and wet lab studies of bacterial natural products and frequent invitations to talk at key conferences in the field. Professor Ziemert is also the speaker of the section “Biology of Natural Product Producing Bacteria” by the German Microbiology Society.