Joerg Stelling

Partner Investigator

Professor Joerg Stelling has expertise in the development and application of computational and experimental methods to analyse and design complex cellular networks, with a focus on large-scale mechanistic approaches.

His research specifically focuses on developing mechanistic mathematical models to probe the operating principles of cellular networks to enable their rational re-design. He is currently a Professor in Computational Systems Biology at ETH Zurich where he heads a large interdisciplinary research group comprised of biologists, mathematicians, engineers, and computer scientists. Previous appointments include the Max Planck Institute for Complex Dynamical Systems where he played a significant role in establishing Systems Biology.

Professor Stelling has published more than 200 peer-reviewed research papers that have received over 13 000 citations. His most notable work is in the field of structural analysis of metabolic networks, methods to design synthetic gene circuits, Bayesian model selection, and experiment yeast biology. The methods and computational approaches developed by the Stelling lab have resulted in successful spin-off companies who service clients in Big Pharma such as AstraZeneca, Roche and Novartis and several companies currently make use of his open-source software for metabolic pathway analysis. The Stelling group also make their biological constructs, developed in the lab, available to others via the platform Addgene.