Eric Stone

Chief Investigator

Professor Eric Stone is internationally recognised for his research in mathematical biology, evolutionary inference, and systems genetics; having made theoretical and methodological contributions to understanding the genotype-phenotype map and how it evolves over time.

At the Australian National University, Professor Stone is Director of the Biological Data Science Institute, an interdisciplinary academic unit aiming to recruit, build and coordinate expertise in biological data science to accelerate the translation of biological data to biological knowledge. His broad focus is on using statistical methods and mathematical theory to illuminate how genetic variation has shaped biological diversity, with a specific interest in systems genetic approaches. Genetic variation – whether natural, experimental or engineered – can induce a cascade of molecular variation that perturbs the genotype-phenotype map; characterising these perturbations will be essential for the reverse engineering of multiscale models and the development of predictive modelling for biotechnological and synthetic biology applications in MACSYS.