Christopher Drovandi

Chief Investigator

Professor Christopher Drovandi’s research focuses on computational and applied statistics where he develops new statistical theory and algorithms for calibrating complex mathematical and statistical models to data. He is a Program Director of the Queensland University of Technology Centre for Data Science.

Professor Drovandi’s research in statistics has been recognised nationally and internationally. In 2021 Drovandi was awarded a Moran medal by the National Academy of Sciences and has served as the Chair of the Bayesian Statistics Section of the Statistical Society of Australia (2016-19). His international reputation as a statistics researcher is supported by his strong publication track record. Completing his PhD around 10 years ago, Drovandi has published more than 100 journal articles, developing and applying fundamental and cutting-edge data science tools to deliver new insights in multidisciplinary collaborations across biology, ecology, physiology, finance, sport and exercise science. His track record has led to more than 50 invited talks at international conferences and research institutions.